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I’m Amy, and I’m clinically obsessed with Pinterest. 🙃

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After I started my first blog in 2019, I fell in LOVE with Pinterest marketing. But when the algorithm changed, my world fell apart… The strategies I had learned no longer worked.

Since then, I’ve dedicated my time to learning the in’s and out’s of how the platform actually works so I could build strategies based on the fundamental building blocks of the algorithm.

With this research, I’ve helped hundreds of bloggers and online businesses, grow their presence on Pinterest and maintain steady traffic to their websites, despite algorithm changes and updates.

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In 2019, I noticed a significant drop in our Pinterest audience. The account needed to be overhauled and optimized. Since Amy LeBlanc began managing our Pinterest account, our monthly viewers have increased 300%.  We have also seen a 50% increase in overall traffic to our website.

Amy is a true professional. She is talented, resourceful, dependable, and responsive. She is a terrific graphic designer in addition to be an expert in social engagement and SEO. We know we can count on Amy to provide us with the resources and to produce the results that drive quality traffic to our site.

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Since working with Amy, I can honestly say that Pinterest stress takes up 0% of my headspace. I’m able to focus on creating new products for my customers instead of trying to figure out how to get my pins in front of the right people. I’m blown away by the growth of my Pinterest account in such a short time, which has led to a consistent increase in monthly income. Thank you for taking Pinterest off my plate and helping me grow my biz, Amy!

Jessica Massey, Hustle Sanely®

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